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Increasing conference call sign ups 150% in two months

About Branded Bridge Line

Branded Bridge Line offers a full featured conference calling solution that provides custom branded voice greetings to every user.

Google Ads had already proven itself to be a reliable source of account sign ups, however, Branded Bridge Line wanted to see just how far they could scale this activity with profitable returns.

The Problem

The Branded Bridge Line Google Ads account was lacking in structure, something that was having a knock on effect on the entire account. Bidding control was minimal, ads needed more relevance and quality score was suffering.

The Solution

The Google Ads account needed to be restructured. Subset of keywords were grouped more intelligently to give precise control of where we want to spend our budget. This was as much a cost saving exercise as it was a push for better traffic.

Quality score was our focus, so relevancy needed to be considered at every stage. The new and improved structure came with ads tailored to user search queries and location. To further please Google’s quality score algorithm, this information was pushed through to landing pages also.

Modern Unbounce landing page were created to replace the existing Unbounce pages that were lacking in visual appeal and prominent calls to action. Using dynamic keyword insertion we customised various elements of new suite of landing pages to be more relevant to the users reason for searching.

The results
64% decrease in CPA
152% increase in conversions
180% increase in conv. rate
Tammie ChildsCo-Founder at Branded Bridge Line

From our initial meeting with Bind Media and throughout our engagement, the team at Bind Media not only showed deep PPC knowledge, but also took the time to learn our product and our desired messaging.

Each month, they look for new ways to tune and grow our business like it’s their own. They drive us on our PPC strategy rather than looking to us to give them direction. The Bind Media team is truly an extension of our own.

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