Google Ads is rolling out AI-powered Demand Gen campaigns, replacing Discovery Ads

Maddie Tovar Written on August 17th, 2023, Last updated on October 10th, 2023

Embrace the Future of Google Ads:  Demand Gen Campaigns will be available for all advertisers in October 2023. 

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Creating demand is crucial if you’re a marketer or a business owner looking to drive future sales. 

In a world where more and more brands are competing for a consumer’s attention and the fact that audiences are fragmented across multiple platforms, it is becoming increasingly difficult to communicate to them at scale.

Demand gen campaigns are launching in fall 2023, promising to bridge the gap across many Google-owned properties such as YouTube, Gmail and Discovery ads.

What’s Changing?

Recently announced at Google Marketing Live in May, the Demand Gen campaign type is set to revolutionise the way marketers approach their advertising strategies. If you’re currently utilising Google Discovery Ads campaigns, you’ll soon witness a seamless transition as they are automatically upgraded to the innovative Demand Gen format. 

Introducing Demand Gen Beta

So, what exactly is Demand Gen beta? It’s the culmination of Google’s efforts to empower marketers with an all-inclusive campaign type that merges the power of image and video ads into a single platform. This dynamic campaign can be wielded to not only enhance conversions but also drive site visits and actions such as sign-ups and adding items to the cart across various Google platforms including YouTube, Discover, and Gmail.

According to insights shared by Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin, shared on ‘X’ formerly known as ‘Twitter’, the brilliance of Demand Gen campaigns doesn’t stop there. In addition to the platforms you’re already familiar with, these campaigns extend their influence to include YouTube Shorts and YouTube in-stream.


The Upgrade Process

For those already running active Discovery campaigns, the road to accessing Demand Gen is straightforward. Google Ads plans to make Demand Gen campaigns available to all marketers starting in October 2023, opening up a realm of fresh opportunities for brands to explore.

Unlocking New Features

Once you’ve embarked on the journey to the Demand Gen beta, prepare to be amazed by all the new features at your fingertips:

Diverse Ad Formats: Experiment and engage your audience more effectively by exploring a range of ad formats, including short-form videos, carousels, portraits, and square images.

Lookalike Segments: Discover customers similar to your existing engaged audience, leveraging a custom-built Seed list. 

These segments can be configured to target:

  • Narrow (2.5% reach).
  • Balanced (5% reach).
  • Broad (10% reach).
  • The creative will also be able to be tailored to the specific Lookalike segments

Unique Goals: Similar to Discovery ads, Demand Gen allows optimisation for conversions or value-based bidding strategies.

Maximise Clicks Bidding: Drive high-value customers to your website by optimising for site visits and actions.

Ad Previews: Visualise how your creatives will appear across different surfaces, ensuring a consistent and impactful presentation.

A/B Experimentation: Fine-tune your campaigns by testing placements and finding the perfect mix for your brand.

The Vision Behind Demand Gen

Google’s spokesperson sheds light on the philosophy behind Demand Gen, describing it as a vehicle to help advertisers locate and convert consumers with immersive, relevant, and visually captivating creatives that drive action precisely when it matters.  Demand Gen combines Google & YouTube touchpoints to grab attention and spur action.

Mark Your Calendar

Here’s a glimpse into what lies ahead:

October 2023: All Discovery campaigns will gain eligibility for transition to Demand Gen, with some automatically migrating.

January – March 2024: Google will roll out automatic upgrades for the remaining Discovery campaigns, finalising the shift.

The future of digital advertising is brimming with potential, and the introduction of Demand Gen campaigns marks a milestone in this journey. With expanded features, versatile ad formats, and a broader reach, this transition is an opportunity for marketers to elevate their campaigns and connect with their target audience in more impactful ways. 

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